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Willamette Music Festival

36866 Holly Sweet Home Highway

Brownsville, Oregon

2018 was the last show

Cancelled Permanently

Contact the ticket outlet and your credit card company right away.

Need to Know


Willamette, Mountain Home, and Country Crossings Music Festivals are cancelled for good.

Some tickets outlets continue to sell tickets. Don't buy them. Contact your credit card companies and ticket outlets immediately. According to representatives at IMG, the parent company of Willamette Country Music Concerts, all ticket holders will get a refund. Most credit card companies only cover your purchases for 30 - 60 days. File a claim before the time runs out. The Credit Card Company will deal with the refund process for you if you file a claim.

Festivals keep forcing you to pay with RFID wristbands instead of cash. These festivals kept the money and didn't pay the food and merchandise vendors. Nor did they pay the employees, contractors, or stage crews. Speak out on social media. RFID wristbands only benefit the promoter, not the customer. And, definitely not the vendor. If you are a vendor, insist that the RFID money is bonded. Always a service fee, always a hard time getting your extra money back, and vendors don't get their money for weeks. If at all.

Festival president and event manager Anne Hankins left in early fall. According to, A representative for IMG confirmed that Anne Hankins' was terminated for cause Oct. 15 after being suspended in late September. Bi-Mart, which had been the lead sponsor, pulled out in early fall. According to the Mail Tribune, former president Anne Hankins did not pay vendors for the 2018 events. Employees told reporters, there was very little, if any, financial records kept by Willamette Country Music Concerts, which ran the events.

According to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, the former festival manager and permit-holder, Anne Hankins, had been convicted of bank fraud in 2001.

These festivals are over. Seek refunds for tickets right away. The websites for all three shows have been removed from the internet.

We recommend supporting smaller festivals. The two biggest promoters, who bought up several festivals, keep having to cancel shows. Large shows have to gamble on ticket sales to finance the event. It is becoming a trend that the giant festivals tend to shut down without notice if ticket sales don't support the large budget.

Support the festivals that are responsible enough to operate within a budget. You don't need 30 artists at a festival. Especially, if people are not getting paid.

We have seen a lot of festivals come and go. The successful festivals are the same reasonable size every year. They concentrate on making the experience more enjoyable. In return, the festival sells out and turns a profit. If the festival is too big to see the stage, what is the point of watching.

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