Spanish Peaks Country Music Festival 2021

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7/10/2020 - 7/11/2020

Due to Coronavirus

Cancelled for 2020

Refunds Offered

Great Job Spanish Peaks !

Spanish Peaks 2021

7/9/2021 - 7/10/2021

2021 Artists

Whiskey Myers

(Festival Website)

Spanish Peaks Refunds

Automatic refunds are on the way according to the festival facebook page. No details offered.

If you need a refund.

Contact your credit card company first. They only give you 30 - 60 days to file a claim. The CC Company will handle the refund for you in most cases. Then you want to contact the  festival for the refund. The festival seemed to handle their own ticket sales instead of a ticket outlet.

2020 Artists

Whiskey Myers, Jon Wolfe,

Cappton Reid, Charley Jenkins,

Albuquerque Blues Connection,

Martini Shot, Kneeon Sisters

2019 Artists

Cody Johnson, Bri Bagwell,

Charley Jenkins, Exit West,

Cappton Reid, Ken Saydak

Need to Know

Camping available for $30 reserved

$40 at the gate

Hot and very dry conditions. Bring lots of water. Be very careful with flames.

A fire ban may be in effect.

Area is shared with bears, coyotes, and Mtn. Lions that raid trash and food in the middle of the night. Store food in a safe place. Not in your tent.


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Whiskey Myers is playing at the 2020 Spanish Peaks Music Festival.

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