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We also feature Country Music that mentions God and is Radio Worthy!

Religious music doesn't have to be perfect.

It can be fun. It can tell the stories of sorrow and success. For many years, people thought that Religious or Christian Songs have to be about perfect people. God is there for you when you are not perfect as well.

A few words about us

We are determined to create a user friendly place for friends of Country Music Festivals to gather. We strive to list your favorite Country Music Festivals a year in advance.

And yes, we believe in God.

But, we believe it is your choice what you believe in.

Country Music Fans spit, cuss, and fight. And at the end of the day, they love the Lord, support their families, and work hard.


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Country Music doesn't care about separating Church and State.

Or Denomination

Neither do we.

Country Music tells stories about life. If God helped make a decision with life's problems, Country Music is going to write a song about it. If the song is good, we are going to tell you about it.

Enjoy our playlist to the left. If you go to church or not, religious country music promotes the good in people. How can you complain about that.

Country music that mentions God and is radio worthy.

Enjoy it or don't listen to it.


Your choice!

These are great country songs worth listening to.

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