wants to help new and up and coming artists to be included by the Country Music Industry.

Digitally Claim Your Songs and Recordings

ISRC stands for International Standard of Recording Code. It is a digital code you can attach to your songs and videos to claim and track the use of the songs. This helps you get paid every time your song is used. This is how artists get paid for radio and streaming services.

The U.S. Agency charges $99 once. Then you can register as many songs or videos as you want for a lifetime.

The U.S. authorized ISRC agency link is (here)

Beware of third-party brokers.

Pay the $99 directly to the ISRC agency.

ISRC Codes are free in Canada through Connect music.

The Canadian authorized ISRC agency link is (here).

Having your songs registered with the ISRC before you negotiate with Nashville, gives you protection, more room to negotiate, and helps you understand the music industry.

Campfire Jams

Start, volunteer for, or include in the price of your show, any campfire jam you can. For the fan, one the favorite elements of a festival, is the late-night campfire jam. It is the one thing that fans go home and talk about the most. If you are a part of the jam, they talk about you. Even if you were not booked to perform at that festival, the fans will insist that you are booked for next years festival. Consider buying a used beat box and stand up bass. This can lead to your band having a permanent gig at that festival. Success in the music industry today happens when people talk about you.

Free Artists Submission

To be listed on this site, artist must have recorded original music and be currently touring. This is a national website. We can't list you if you are not able to tour outside of your state. Sorry, we do not list cover bands on this site. If we don't list you, please resubmit, we can't list everyone everytime.

New Country Artist Resources wants to help the new artist get found. For years, this has been the hardest part of becoming a Country Star. This is not true anymore. We have helped many artists get found just because they were good musicians. The internet has evened the playing field in the music industry. We have put together some tips to help you get to the next level with your music. Plus, we have listed some of the common mistakes that keep artists from becoming stars.

The large record companies are worried about this new trend. At the moment, large record companies are buying up all the small independent record labels that have started up in the last 10 years. They are desperately trying to hold on to the industry that they have controlled for almost 100 years. Small labels, Independent record companies, and self recording is giving the large record companies a run for their money.

This new trend is really scaring the industry. Artists are starting to produce their own albums. Bypassing the record companies all together is becoming a new option. With reasonably priced digital recordings, artists are choosing to produce their own albums. Artists are able to find production, artwork, distribution, and social media on the cheap.

The big advantage to signing with a large record company is they have endless resources. They distribute your music to an audience a lot bigger than you ever could. This includes audiences overseas. They have recording, marketing, and promotion teams already built in. However, all those expenses do come out of your small percentage of 15 - 20% if your lucky. However, 15% of 10 million is a lot better than 100% of the 10 thousand cd's you might sell. This is if the record company wants you.

Becoming a star still requires hard work. Auto tune and YouTube is not enough to be a star. In fact, the industry generally blocks autotuned artists. However, if you are willing to work, have talent, have original music, own a smart phone, and willing to tour, you can be a star.

We want to help new artists with the struggle to get to the point where they can pay their bills. We understand it is a long journey. However, most of your songs are written during that journey. The most successful songs are written while you are struggling. People can't relate to you as a star. They relate to you before you become star. Enjoy these times. When you become a star, it is about 5 years before you are able to take time off again or decide on your own what you can do.

On this page are tips for new and up and coming artists that need help getting discovered nationally. Sometimes artists or bands are very successful in a region, but never make it to the national or radio level. Sometimes Bands tour all the time, but can't get the attention of record companies. We are going to share some ways for artists to get found and find success. Sometimes artists do all the right things, but do one thing that annoys everyone in the industry. We are going to try to help you with the do's and don'ts.

Country Music Festivals is becoming the best way to get found by the music industry. Music industry professionals are watching music festivals very close for new artists. They realize how popular festivals have become. With an average of 10,000 people at a Country Music Festival, they realize that trends are set at festivals. If you can get yourself booked at a festival, there is a good chance you will be successful as an artists.

And finally, the best news we can give you is don't give up! Keep a real job until you make more money than your bills. It takes years for record sales to pay your bills. Hard work is required to be a Country Star.

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YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the best tools for the new artists. It is important to get people to find your video. This is not easy in a world of billions of videos. You must entertain then without waiting. Then you have to keep them there. And finally, they need to remember you for next time.

Your video has to get found. Sometimes, you can get lucky and a website like this one may find it and put it on the internet. Sometimes, you might have a friend on social media that spreads the word for you. But, for it to get out there, you need to promote it as much as you can. Make sure it has meta tags. Meta tags are words that people search for when searching for your topic. List these search words under meta tags with a comma and space between each one. Make sure to include a good description with search words that google will use. For example "Country Music, New Artists, and "your name". Most artists forget to put their name in the description. This is how things are found on the internet. After posting your video, link to it from your social media. Have your friends share it. The more it is shared. The more the internet will spread it out there.

Lets start with the biggest mistake first. Nobody likes your 1 minute artistic intro to your song, "except you". I repeat. Nobody wants to watch your artistic intro without music, except for you and maybe your girlfriend. If your intro is longer than 10 seconds, without the music starting, you risk having 90% of your viewers clicking away. Too many great songs have died from having a 1 minute artistic intro. The internet is always impatient.

The Sound quality has to be good. With digital, the gain can be overbearing on any instrument or singer. You are not on stage. This isn't about ego. If you turn up a digital recording and it hurts peoples ears, they won't listen to your music. A good dynamic sound level is great. Compare it too other videos before you submit it. Too low and people wont listen at all. Too high and some viewers may find itannoying. Just above average is perfect.

Then, you have to make them want to come back to see you again. If your song tells a story of life of the average joe, it relates to them. That makes them remember the song after the song has played. People make fun of songs about trucks, boots, fishing, fighting, football, Ford, Chevy, and summer. Well, these are the songs that people are singing. These are the songs that are successful. Keep writing songs about things that the working class can relate too. If you want to be a country star, keep writing about these things.

Guitar Lessons are an effective way of promoting your music online. Even if you are just teaching someone how to play your favorite song, you build fans. Your favorite song is easy for you to play. Teach it to someone else. Teach it to your phone on a rainy day. Put it on YouTube. That may bring you 500 more fans that love that cover song. Fans that now are listening to your music.

Make a quality video. But, don't go out and buy a ton of equipment you don't already have. If you are not a recording professional, your laptop or iPhone will probably do a good job. Sometimes people try to over do it, and end up with a bad video. There is a lot of free video editing software out there that will make a nice YouTube video.

One last note, fans love acoustic versions of songs. They feel like they are getting something special. For you, it's as simple as an acoustic guitar, an iPhone and a quiet bedroom. Fans will share and re-share that 5min. video for months. The Cheapest, most effective promotional move an artist can do.

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