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Jackalope Jamboree


Pendleton, Oregon

6/26/2020 - 6/27/2020

Due to Coronavirus

Cancelled for 2020

Refunds Offered

Great Job !

(Festival Website)

2021 Artists


Jackalope Refunds

Full refunds offered.

An email was sent out to ticket holders with instructions on how to get a refund. Check spam folder if you didn't get email.

2020 Artists

Shane Smith & The Saints,

Corb Lund, Jade Jackson,

Tyler & the Train Robbers,

Paul Cauthen, Jesse Daniel,

The Lonesome Billies,

Charles Wood III


Need to Know

This is not a festival anymore.

Camping has been removed.

Nothing allowed in show except your phone, a small purse, and a empty water bottle.

If you are forced to drive home drunk, it is not a festival!

Rules and fees change as Concert gets closer to opening day. Check official rules and fees at festival website.

Keep listening

(Over 150 songs)

We only play the good songs!

(Playlist link for later)

Hours of appreciation

Friday: After work - Until the band quits playing.

Saturday: When I wake up - Until I get lucky!

Sunday: After church - Until the sun goes down.

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