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Jackalope Jamboree


Pendleton, Oregon

6/26/2020 - 6/27/2020

Due to Coronavirus

Cancelled for 2020

Refunds Offered

Great Job !

(Festival Website)

2021 Artists


Jackalope Refunds

Full refunds offered.

An email was sent out to ticket holders with instructions on how to get a refund. Check spam folder if you didn't get email.

2020 Artists

Shane Smith & The Saints,

Corb Lund, Jade Jackson,

Tyler & the Train Robbers,

Paul Cauthen, Jesse Daniel,

The Lonesome Billies,

Charles Wood III


Need to Know

This is not a festival anymore.

Camping has been removed.

Nothing allowed in show except your phone, a small purse, and a empty water bottle.

If you are forced to drive home drunk, it is not a festival!

Rules and fees change as Concert gets closer to opening day. Check official rules and fees at festival website.


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