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Fix the truck before you leave for the festival.

Don't let a $8 thermostat overheat the car while your waiting in line for the festival. Sometimes the line can take hours to get in.

Country Music Festivals


Country Music Festivals for the USA and Canada

The Music Fest


Steamboat, Colorado

January 7 - 12, 2023

Artists TBA

Florida Strawberry Festival


Plant City, Florida

March 2 - 12, 2023

Artists TBA

ChiliFest Music Festival


Snook, Texas

Marc 31 - April 1, 2023

Jamie Jonson,

Muscadine Bloodline,

Kolton Moore, Jacob Steely

More Artists TBA

Country Thunder Arizona


Florence, Arizona

April 7 - 10 2023

Jon Pardi, Midland,

Parmalee, Tracy Byrd,

Luke Bryan, Lonestar,

Cody Johnson, Nate Smith

More Artists TBA

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Important Camping Tip

Don't Back Into Your Campsite!

It is important not to back into your campsite. Someone could die. It is your normal instinct to back in to access your trunk, tailgate, or just to unload. But, it is important to face your car with the exhaust facing out for the rest of the weekend. Exhaust can fill up tents.

Hundreds of people have died at festivals from carbon monoxide poisoning from cars filling up tents in the middle of the night. Campers get cold in the middle of the night. They get in their cars and turn on the heat. If their car is facing the campsite, tents will fill up with carbon monoxide. If you had a few drinks, you don't wake up, ever.

Share this information with your friends and fellow campers. I have seen many people die this way. First, they blame it on drugs. A month later, when the autopsy comes back as carbon monoxide poisoning, the family is confused. Nobody realizes, their best friend killed them by running their car in the middle of the night when they got cold. When their friend arrived late, and backed in to the campsite, they didn't realize their tailpipe was next to their friends tent. Their friend never woke up.

Please Ask Your Friends To Park With The Exhaust Facing The Road!

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