Comstock Windmill Festival in Comstock, Nebraska

Cancelled for 2020

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Comstock Windmill

Music Festival 2020

2nd Wind Ranch

Comstock, Nebraska 68828

Cancelled for 2020

No Refunds Offered.

Tickets good for 2021 Show.

According to the Comstock facebook page, 2020 tickets are good for 2021 and a extra 2021 oneday pass.

6/10/2021 - 6/13/2021

(Festival Website)

If you need a Refund, contact your credit card company first. You only have 30 - 60 days to make a claim.

Then contact your ticket outlet.

Outhouse Tickets

Then Contact

Henry Nuxoll

Comstock Festival Company

2nd Wind Ranch

[email protected]

106 East Park
Box 34
Comstock, NE 68828

who should be responsible.

Contact all three if you need a refund.

Tickets are valid for next years festival. However, being out of work, most people can't afford for them to keep their money for a year. They should have offered a refund option.

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